Always Say Yes to Opportunity

How Britney Lives Her Dash

Every day, every single one of us is living our dash. Every breath we take and every choice we make all determine our path of life. We never know how short or long our dash could be, so it’s essential to make the most of the time we have and to say yes to opportunity. Britney is one example of someone who lives her dash to the fullest, and now the Live Your Dash mantra will always be a part of her.

live your dash

Britney grew up embracing the Live Your Dash mindset. The Dash Poem is one of her dad’s all-time favorites, and because of this Britney got to see first-hand how her dad lived his dash. He taught his kids the importance of doing things as opposed to having things. Britney and her brother have so many wonderful memories from the countless adventures they went on with their parents, whether they were big or small. She and her brother will be able to pass these stories on to their children, as well as teach them the importance of making the most of their dash too.

live your dash
live your dash tattoo

In her adult life, Britney still loves to go on adventures as often as she can. What is fundamental to her now is living in the moment, and not being worried about fitting in, or about what anyone else thinks of her. She is also very involved in numerous nonprofit organizations that she is passionate about, because giving back is something very important to her.

Britney wanted to share this mindset with others. She decided to get “Live Your Dash” tattooed on her forearm. She wanted it to be in a location that might make others ask about what it means. This way Britney would be able to pass on the importance of embracing the time we have on this earth to people for years to come.

live your dash tattoo

Say Yes to Opportunity

When asking Britney what “Living Your Dash” means to her, she said, “For me, living your dash is about making the most of each and every day and truly living life to its fullest.” She believes in saying yes to opportunity & adventure, anything where she can make memories. Because your dash does come to an end, she knows that her time is precious. She is conscious about what and to whom she devotes her energy. She advises people to spend time focusing on personal growth, strive to be better than yesterday, and give back in whatever capacity they can.

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