planning a virtual celebration of life

Planning a Virtual Celebration of Life

Funerals and Celebrations of Life During the Coronavirus/COVID-19


One of the hardest parts of social distancing during the pandemic the world is currently facing is not being able to grieve a loss with friends and loved ones. Large gatherings such as a funeral or celebration of life may not be able to be scheduled for many several weeks or months. It’s tough not to be able to hug loved ones, especially during a period of grief. Finding a way to honor and remember your loved one may help you begin to heal. If you are looking for ways to celebrate a loved one with a virtual celebration of life, here are ten ideas:


  1. Create a video with photos, home video clips, quotes, and favorite songs. Share with family and friends. If you have a physical celebration of life later, this memorial video will already be done.


  1. Mail out memorial cards to close friends and family. View options for personalized Dash Memorial Cards on our shop.


  1. Honor the memory of life by asking friends to place a sign in the window and drive by the family’s house at a set time. Or, create a celebration of life sign or display in your front yard and invite friends to drive by in a procession of honking horns.


  1. Start a private Facebook group to share memories of the loved one.


  1. Create a scrapbook or journal of favorite quotes and photos. Include both quotes about the loved one and things the loved one often said. Ask people to email their quotes and pictures, so you hear from all sorts of people – family, friends, coworkers.


  1. Host a Zoom or FaceTime gathering of close relatives. Share stories of your loved one while you laugh and cry with others. Pray and perhaps have everyone light a candle in memory of the life that was lost.


  1. Organize a donation to a charity in honor of the loved one.


  1. Ask friends and family for songs that most remind them of the deceased. Form a playlist of favorite songs and share it with loved ones!


  1. Contact a nearby drive-in theatre and invite family and friends to attend a viewing of a celebration of life video.


  1. Begin planning a celebration that will occur sometime in the future. Planning can be healing! Just because you can’t have a funeral or memorial right now doesn’t mean you can’t choose the readings, write the eulogy, or select music.



If you have lost a loved one during this time, we are so sorry. This is a hard time to go through grief. Please reach out to your loved ones if you need help and support.


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