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How April Lives Her Dash

April Lacheur is an artist and acrylic painter who has turned her passion into her full-time job. She began painting just for fun, and she loved it so much that she decided to pursue it full time. Now she sells her paintings as prints and wall art, as well as putting her artistic designs on pillows & bags. April is fully embracing the meaning of Live Your Dash, and she is living her life doing something that she loves.

Trading her Stethoscope for a Paintbrush

Less than one year ago, April was working as a Registered Nurse, but she felt that her true passion was creating beautiful pieces of art. She has always loved to paint, starting when she was a young child. She considered going to an art school for college but felt that nursing would provide with more security. It was in nursing school that April really started to pursue her hobby of painting.

passionate about art

Since then, April went from selling her artwork here and there to turning it into a full-time job. She saved money and slowly built her business from the ground up. There have been struggles, but April doesn’t regret this transition from being a full-time nurse to artist. She says, “my passion for wanting to create art and share it with the world has kept me moving forward with this dream.”

Finding Inspiration in Nature

April draws much of her inspiration from the beauty of trees. She is fascinated by their form and presence in the world; there is a strong tree theme in the majority of April’s art pieces. She believes humans & trees have similarities, with strong roots and multiple branches. Trees are all in harmony and work together as a community, and she believes that all people can learn from their connectivity.

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Putting her Passions First

April is extremely mindful of the way she spends her time on this earth. She knew that she needed to stop spending so much of her time in a job she didn’t love. She sees her artistic abilities as a gift that she is grateful to be able to share with the world. “Both in my nursing life and personal life, I have learned that life can change or end in a moment so it’s important to cherish the time we have here and live a dash we can be proud of.”

In life, it’s essential to follow your dreams and make the most of each and every day. If there is something you are passionate about, spend time doing it. Make goals and work towards accomplishing them. Remember what and who is most important in your life, and always be grateful. Stay motivated by reading some of our favorite inspirational quotes that will remind you to Live Your Dash to the fullest.

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