Bride Surprises Groom with Dash Poem Bouquet

The Dash Poem has inspired countless lives in so many ways. The Poem is a reminder to make a difference every day – no matter your age or where you are in your life’s journey.

Here is a touching story of how a bride and groom used the Dash Poem as they started their life together.


From Emily, the Bride:

“I heard about his poem from my fiancé Anthony. He has it hanging on his wall by the door so we see it every time we leave the house. I know it’s very special to him as it reminds him of his grandparents and family.

I wanted this poem for my bouquet and my fiancé’s boutonniere because I know how much it meant to him, and I love the meaning behind it.

It was actually a surprise to him that I added it in; I wanted something tying us together on our special day and to be a little reminder as we start our life together how we should enjoy each day and live life to the fullest.”


From Anthony, the Groom:

“It was my parents who first introduced me to the poem. It was something that they held close as they were raising us boys as we experienced the loss of all of our grandparents. I believe that by having that poem, it reminded them of the good times and experiences with their parents and how they wanted to make a similarly positive impression on all of those who they come across.

The Dash is a poem that I have grown up with always on my wall. It’s a daily reminder to live each day to the fullest; a focus on who and what is most important in life.

It’s also a great reminder that once we die, all that will be remembered is the experiences and interactions that people have with us. I am reminded each day to be the positive, friendly, caring, and loving person that will leave a positive impression on those whom I come in contact with on a daily basis.

When I walk out the door, I see that poem and strive to make a difference and live my dash.”



A note from the florist – Paper Blossoms by Michal:

“I think this poem is such a wonderful reminder to take all the small moments throughout the hours and days that make up our life and really use them to their fullest. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle life that many of these moments pass us by.

The Dash Poem is a powerful message to use these times to live life to its fullest and to look at the bigger picture…leave life a little better than you found it. 

I started making paper flowers in 2014 for my wedding, and it bloomed from there (pardon the pun). I provide handmade, custom paper flower bouquets to couples all over the world.

I love love love my job: one of my favorite parts is being able to make couples’ custom arrangements with the small personal details that mean so much to them – like using the Dash Poem in Emily’s bouquet. It’s nice to know that the flowers will serve as a reminder of their day for years and years to come. I’m very blessed.”


Photo credit: Erin Elizabeth.  To learn more about Paper Blossoms by Michal, visit their websiteFacebook, and Instagram.


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