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Marching Band Promotes Living Your Dash to Student Body

Marching bands are known to pump up the students during sports games, pep rallies, and other events throughout the school year. Whether they’re playing the school’s fight song or just a catchy upbeat tune, a marching band fully embodies the meaning of school spirit. This past school year, the Thrall High School marching band was able to use their platform to share a special message with the student body.

When school began again in the fall of 2018, Thrall Marching band chose “The Dash” as their seasonal theme. Beth Morrison, the band director, was familiar with the poem and suggested this idea to the students. As Beth recalls, “They loved it immediately!” The various pieces of the show were called Beginnings, Opportunity, and The Path. With these parts, “The Dash” seemed to be a fitting theme to tie the pieces of the show together. The show was entitled “The Time In Between”.

thrall marching band

Use of The Dash Poem

Throughout the show, a narrator spoke verses of the poem over the music between the bands’ formation changes. The design of the show was driven by the words of the poem. The performance with the messaging behind it made such an impact on everyone who watched.

One week before Area competition, the students were heartbroken to learn about the death of a freshman student. These students had lost both a friend and classmate, and many of them had not experienced a loss like this before. The meaning of The Dash Poem became even more special to the students that fall.

living your dash as a family

The Outcome

Thrall marching band advanced to the Area band finals and finished in 2nd place! They then went on to march and compete at the State Marching Contest at the Alamodome in San Antonio.They ended up finishing 13th out of 18 total bands that competed at State. This was the second appearance of the Thrall High School band at State, and before 2018 they hadn’t been since 1981. Way to go team!

living your dash as a family

Overall, the members of the band were moved by The Dash Poem, and they were honored to share the meaning with their peers. Beth says, “It made a lasting impression on our school and community, and truly completed our show.” These high school students will now truly know how to make the most of life. After graduating, Thrall students will go after anything they want to achieve!

living your dash as a family

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