Make a Difference this Halloween

Ways to Make a Difference This Halloween

Halloween has become one of the most fun and exciting holidays. You get to dress up as whatever you like and forget about the craziness of your own life for one night. While it’s always great to put on a costume, go to a Halloween party, and eat a bunch of candy, there are many ways that you can give back and make a difference this Halloween. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Donate candy to a local school or community center

There might be kids in your community who are unable to go trick-or-treating or bring candy to school. Consider donating so everyone gets a treat this year.

Help a friend or family member make their costume

If you’re the creative one in your friend group, lend your skills to a friend that might need some help making a costume! They’ll be so grateful you stepped up.

make a difference this halloween

Volunteer at a local pumpkin patch or haunted house

Every year, farms open their doors for people from all over to come pick pumpkins, drink cider, and go for a hay-ride. Many of these places need volunteers to keep their operations running smoothly.

Stay home and pass out candy in your neighborhood

The easiest way to make a kid smile on Halloween is to open the door when they knock and hand out pieces of candy!

make a difference this halloween

Donate your costumes from previous years

Have a stockpile of costumes in your closet? If you aren’t going to wear something again, donate it! Someone else will be excited to wear your costume this year.

We hope these ideas help kick-start some fun and unique ways to make a difference this Halloween. If you implement a few of these, you can not only have a memorable night yourself, but you can help others in your community do the same.

Let us know how you and your friends make a difference and give back this year. Share your story with our team so we can feature you!

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