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Spotlight: Living Your Dash as a Family

Shari Rogers is a wife and mother of two beautiful boys, Jace (6) and Dawson (3). Her family means the absolute world to her, and she makes it a point to always spend quality time with them. When looking back on her life one day, Shari’s goal is to live her dash with her family, and to enjoy memories of the time they spent together.

To Shari, the phrase “Live Your Dash” has started to mean more since she had her children. She does her best to live by the Dash manta; to make the present moments count and live life to the fullest. Tomorrow is never promised, so she does her best to make the most of today.

living your dash as a family
Bonding with her Family:

Once Dawson and Jace were both born, Shari’s life was forever changed for the better. Instead of spending all of her time at work and living such a routine life, she made it a priority to be with her sons as much as she can. “I try to teach my boys the importance of living their dash by getting them out of the house as often as possible.” As a working mom, Shari still knows the importance of family time.

The Rogers family loves doing just about anything and everything together! They go to the zoo, mini-golf, baseball, local parks, The St. Louis Science Center, and many other places. Even when they don’t go anywhere, they love going on walks together or even staying in and playing games.

living your dash as a family
Making Time for what Matters:

While spending time as a family is a priority to Shari, she also tries to have some time to spend alone and also time to spend with her husband Josh. Right now, Shari spends a lot of time working both a full-time job and an entrepreneurial job. With her side business, she will one day be able to quit her job and be able to spend more time at home.

One thing Shari wants other families to know is that you are never “too busy” to spend time with each other. She says, “If it’s something important to you or that you’re passionate about, you’ll make time for it!” She thinks all families should plan a weekly family day and do a different activity each week.

living your dash as a family

In life, it can be easy to get caught up in work, school, and the craziness of the day-to-day responsibilities. People can forget how short life can be. Always be sure to spend as much time with your loved ones as you possibly can. Enjoy the big moments as well as the small ones, and you will truly learn to love the life you live.

“What matters most is how we live and love and how we spend our Dash.”

– Linda Ellis

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