Funeral Director Affiliate Program

Become an Affiliate Partner and see the benefits of using The Dash today.
the dash funeral director affiliate partner program
the dash funeral affiliate program

The Dash brings consolation and comfort when its needed most.

Offer The Dash Poem In Your Business

The Dash is one of the most popular poems in the world. Millions have been comforted by Its powerful and poignant message. It is both a touching tribute to those we’ve lost and a proclamation to live a meaningful life.

We’re pleased to announce that we offer funeral directors the opportunity to incorporate the poem and related products into memorial services by joining our Affiliate Partner Program. In the past, the use of The Dash poem by funeral directors was highly restricted to avoid copyright infringement.

When you purchase a license to become an Affiliate Partner, you’ll receive a digital copy of our license that grants permission to use The Dash at your services, show the video, print the poem, offer products…and promote it on your website. 

The license will renew each year. However, the license fee is waived if you purchase at least $100 in Dash products during the year. This license is for a single location and is exclusively available to commercially operated funeral homes. We reserve the right to revoke any unqualified purchases.







Benefits Include:

  • Become an Affiliate Partner for 12 months
  • Permission to recite and/or show The Dash poem and 3-minute video at your services
  • Show The Dash poem and video on your website
  • Print the poem in a service program
  • Offer Dash products for sale to your families

Join Today

Click the button below for easy online registration. You’ll receive an email confirmation with the license to use the poem.

Have a question or need help with signup? Call Heather at 630-793-5030

“Since becoming an affiliate partner with The Dash, countless families have found comfort and inspiration in this sought-after poem. Aside from displaying The Dash, reading the poem at services, and incorporating the verse in memorial stationery, The Dash products have become a successful addition to our aftercare offerings.”

Matthew Baskerville

Owner, Reeves & Baskerville Funeral Homes


Join the Affiliate Program for ONLY $99*/year and receive a deluxe framed print of The Dash poem and 25 personalized business cards.

*Your annual membership automatically renews FREE when you purchase $100 or more in products per year.