follow your detour

Follow Your Detour

How One Couple Stopped Living an Ordinary Life to Live a Life of Adventures

Dan and Lindsay McKenzie aren’t your average couple. These two have spent the last decade together chasing one adventure after the next. They weren’t always this way though. Lindsay and Dan made an intentional decision to make the most of their lives together, and now consider themselves full-time adventurers. Each and every day they spend together following their ‘detour’ is full of new opportunities, and they plan to continue traveling and adventuring as much as they can.

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Ever since Dan met Lindsay at Colorado State University, he shared his love of travelling with her. They were married in 2010, and then quit their jobs and bought one-way tickets to Costa Rica. After spending 3 months there, they knew they weren’t meant to live an ordinary, everyday life. Instead of making a down payment on a future home, they went on another trip to Europe. Together, this couple has traveled all over the globe, from Portugal to Greece to Thailand.

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Dan & Lindsay Today

The couple recently started traveling full-time across the United states in their motor home. Updates on their adventures can be found on their travel blog, Follow Your Detour. On the blog they share their own travels as well as stories about their life as a couple, tips on budgeting, recommendations for travel locations, and advice for other people who want to travel more. Lindsay even wrote a book about her and Dan’s journey. They call their journey a detour, because they didn’t originally plan to travel as much as they do. After hitting a roadblock in their personal life, they made the decision to change their story, to take a detour instead.

follow your detour

In life, there are so many things that can hold you back. Dan and Lindsay’s advice for any of you who is struggling with one thing or another is to make a conscious decision to alter the path that your life is on; to make a commitment to change certain aspects of life. Choose to take your life into your own hands, and go after what truly makes you happy in life. Whether your dream is to travel, to buy a home, change jobs, you can do it. Surpass the roadblock; take the detour.

Follow your heart, Follow Your Detour, Live your Dash.

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