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Slowing Down: Finding Slowness in the Fast Lane of Life

The world moves at a fast pace — it keeps revolving day after day, year after year. It’s easy to get swept up in a blur of experiences and run on auto-pilot as the days go by. Before you know it, life has happened, and instead of living it, you’ve been getting through it. Slowing down in life is one of the primary keys to Living Your Dash well. When you slow down, you’re able to experience all life has to offer. You show up as a full version of yourself, one without distractions. You’re fully present for the moments that matter and with the people you care about. Most importantly, it’s in the slowness you discover what your dash means to you and how you want to live it.

How do you find slowness in the fast lane of life?

Even the busiest person is capable of slowing down. Finding slowness is a skill that takes time to develop. It starts with small actions and builds into a habit. As you move toward peace and quiet in an ever-busy world, use these tips to inspire and equip you for the journey.

Focus on your Breathing

Breathing is a simple yet effective tool as you slow down. When you find your mind racing 1,000 miles a minute and focused on the next 20 things on your to-do list, you’re zipping through the fast lane. Stop and focus on taking deep breaths in and out. This simple act will help quiet your mind and ground you in the present moment.

Slowing Down in Life

Do One Thing at a Time

In today’s world, it’s easy to think you have to do everything right now. With miles-long to-do lists, you may jump ahead to what needs to get done instead of entirely focusing on the task at hand. Staying focused on everything yet to come is an easy way to feel hectic and overwhelmed. Breathe and remind yourself you can only do one thing at a time. Staying focused on where you are instead of where you want or need to be will help you slow down and be present.

Form a Morning Routine

The way you start your day sets the tone for what’s to come. Before you dive into your day, take some time to journal or read. No matter what this looks like for you, having a morning routine that encourages you to be still and enjoy slowness will give you the right frame of mind for the rest of the day. Remember that every day is important, and you should make each one count.

Slowing Down in Life

These tips offer a starting point as you search for slowness in your life. Life’s demands may pressure you to hustle hard and drift through life knocking out tasks, but there’s so much more to living than that. Your dash is more than what you can accomplish; it’s also about how much you enjoy it. How can you make it meaningful? Slowing down and living your life is an essential step toward Living Your Dash well.

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