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Making a Difference Through Service

Many elements go into living a well-lived Dash. One of the most rewarding elements is the ability to serve others. Living a life of service not only impacts those around us, but it changes how we view ourselves and the world. Making a difference doesn’t have to look or be extravagant. Sometimes making small, intentional choices to put others above ourselves can have the greatest impact.

Benefits of Serving

Serving others has many benefits. Not only does it have the potential to change the lives of the people you’re serving, but it’s also beneficial to you. Studies have shown that when we serve others, it can:

  • Reduce stress
  • Connect you to others
  • Increase happiness
  • Give you a sense of purpose & passion
  • Reduce mild depression
  • Cause a positive chain reaction
  • Help you live longer!

Ways to Serve:

  1. Start with those around you. A common misconception about service is that it only matters when it’s for a great cause or on a state, national, or global scale. While those causes are impactful and significant, sometimes we miss the opportunity to serve the people already around us. Take a moment to run errands for family or a friend. Do the dishes for your mom or significant other. These simple actions may not seem like much, but they’re absolutely a way to make a difference in someone’s life by serving them.
  2. Volunteer in your community. There are so many opportunities in your community to make a difference. Consider some of these:
    • Participate in a local food drive.
    • Volunteer at an animal shelter or rescue group.
    • Clean up trash around your neighborhood or local park.
    • Donate blood.
    • Mentor a child at a nearby school, library, or community center.
  3. Throw a fundraiser for a cause you’re passionate about. A great way to serve a cause that’s important to you about is to set up a fundraiser. Host a bake sale or create t-shirts to sell and then donate the proceeds to the cause you chose. This is a great way to give back to an important cause and make a difference. 

Inspiring Service Example

Terry Garrett’s brother loved gardening, but after becoming confined to a wheelchair, he was unable to pursue his passion. This gave Garrett the idea to create the Elevated Garden: a tabletop garden designed for people who are either in wheelchairs or those who cannot handle the physical demands of gardening. 

Garrett’s brother has loved being able to keep growing produce, and Garrett is working to patent this idea to help more people have the ability to garden. “I saw how it benefited him with an improvement in his quality of life, and an increased sense of self worth and accomplishment,” he continued. 

Read the full story here.

community service
Serving others, on either a large or small scale, can make a huge impact in your community as well as in your own life. Be aware of ways you can help those around you, and step up when you are needed. You’ll be surprised at how much it positively affects you when you help someone else. Here are some more examples of how you can serve your community.

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