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A Dash of Kindness

Pageant Contestant Promotes What It Means to ‘Live Your Dash’ by running a Kindness Matters Workshop

Hannah Garhofer has been participating in pageants since she was a child. She has held numerous Teen and Miss titles, and now holds the title of Miss Tri Valley 2019 in the state of Oregon. Hannah recently competed for the title of Miss Oregon 2019. She used her platform as a beauty queen to give back to kids, and to teach the meaning of living your dash to those who may be unaware.

Leave Your Legacy

Being familiar with “The Dash Poem” by Linda Ellis, Hannah was inspired by the meaning of the poem. She first heard the poem while on a mission trip in Nicaragua. When Hannah got back to the US, she learned that her grandmother’s health was declining at a rapid rate, and her grandma ended up passing on the very next day. Hannah actually read the poem at the funeral service. This taught Hannah so much about how precious life is, and made her think about what legacy she will leave behind.

a dash of kindness

Hannah wants to live her dash to the fullest, and she wants to fill her time with kindness and leave a positive impact on the younger generations. She lives her dash with intention, and wants to create a statewide movement in Oregon by sharing the Live Your Dash mantra with others through social media.


“My legacy lies in the lives that I have mentored” – Hannah
a dash of kindness

Kindness Matters Workshop

As part of her platform for Miss Oregon 2019, Hannah wants to help mentor children. In society today, children feel anxious, vulnerable, and disconnected from one another. Around 1 in 4 children are bullied on a daily basis. Suicide rates are rising among the youth in America. Hannah is doing her part to help inspire and empower children. Recently, she hosted a Kindness Matters Workshop and activity night for kids in her community. At this workshop, she hosted fun activities, taught character education, and create a community filled with kindness and compassion.

a dash of kindness
a dash of kindness

Living Her Dash

The part of the poem that stands out the most to Hannah is the quote, “For it matters not how much we own, the cars.. the house.. the cash. What matters is how we live and love and how we spend our dash”. Hannah believes that if we all lived by these words, the world would be a better place. She is doing her part to live her life in a way that helps others. She realizes that the actions and words people do and say today are what they will be remembered by tomorrow. Hannah’s goal to create a society full of love, compassion, and courage. Hannah will continue to create and lead programs for children to promote kindness empower the youth in her community.

Let us know how you Live Your Dash and share this positive mantra with others!

a dash of kindness

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