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Stop Comparing Your Life to Others

In the era of social media, comparison can be all too easy. With everyone posting their highlight reels and wins, it’s easy to feel like you’re missing out. Comparing your life to others will make you feel less than and cheat you out of living a joyful and meaningful life. When you’re constantly looking around instead of forward, you’ll miss out on the best part of your journey—it’s totally unique. The path you’re on is 100% unique and tailored to you. There’s nothing wrong with where you are or the pace of growth you’re experiencing. 

You may feel like you’re doing something wrong if your life doesn’t look the way someone else’s does, but their path isn’t the right fit for you. The reality is, even if you switched places with that person, you wouldn’t feel at home or happy there. That’s because it wasn’t meant for you. You’re an original and the dash you’re living should be celebrated and enjoyed just the way it is. We all face challenges in life, including the person who looks like they “have it all”. Don’t compare your ‘behind the scenes’ moments with other people’s highlights. 

If you’ve been struggling with comparison, use these tips to help stop it in its tracks, and you will learn to appreciate where you are and what you have.

Celebration Over Comparison

When you hear or see something that sparks a feeling of comparison, intentionally say or do something to celebrate that person’s win. Making a practice of choosing celebration over a comparison spiral will rewire the way you naturally respond to those triggers. Not only that, but a celebration response is an intentional kindness toward the other person that will encourage them to continue celebrating the dash they’re living.

Choose Gratitude

It’s hard to compare your life when you’re thankful for what you have. Combat those feelings of being less than and start a gratitude journal. Make a daily practice of writing what you’re thankful for, what wins you can be celebrating, and what makes your life journey perfectly unique and special. Recognizing the value in your dash is key to stop comparing your life to others.

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Take a Break From Social Media

Take a month, a week, or even just a day away from social media. That time can be spent diving into what makes your life so special and discovering what you want to do without using others as a benchmark for success. Your life is the greatest adventure but only if you allow yourself to live it the way you were meant to.

Once you start implementing these tips into your life, you’ll finally be able to live your own life without comparing it to others. Above all, remember that your journey is unique, and no one else will walk in your path. Everyone experiences different parts of life at different times, and you need to enjoy yours as it’s meant to be. Live your own life to the fullest, and enjoy every second of your Dash. 

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