The Brave Never Die

Lisa W. from Mississippi shared this touching story about her brother who lived his Dash with courage and bravery:

We just had to bury my brother 10-3 because he was killed in the line of duty 9-29. He had shared a poem on his page a few years prior with an explanation of what the poem meant to him. The Dash was the poem. I read it at his funeral along with his very own words:

“This poem was given to me my senior year just before graduation in 2002…It never had meaning to me until recently. What made it get my attention was thinking back on the path in life I have followed since high school. I joined the National Guard at 17 years old. 2 months before my 22nd birthday I was wounded in an explosion in Iraq. My life nearly ended May 17th 2005. While I was laying in the aid station being treated and my wounds stitched up, I wondered how the rest of my life would unfold. It’s easy to live like your Bulletproof until your shown your not. By Gods will I was allowed a second chance at life. I chose to go into law enforcement. To satisfy the desire to serve others and help those who needed it. I was out of law enforcement for several years before the calling got me and I fought to get back in it. So where this poem got me to thinking is this…. how will I be remembered by my friends, my family, and my sons if I leave in my patrol car one evening and never make it home? I can’t answer question on my own. Only my family and friends can. I do the job I do because I love helping people. Even if it means risking my life for those I don’t know. It doesn’t matter if I know them or not. All that matters is when they need me I am coming. I never know what to expect call to call or on traffic stops any one of them could be my last. Maybe I will be remembered as one who was selfless. Someone who put others above myself. I don’t know but I think about this poem now everytime I start that patrol car and leave my driveway.”***

***These were the words my brother posted when he added the poem to his Facebook a couple years ago.***


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