Love, kindness, and making a difference.

Giving Thanks

Dear Friend, Giving. Thanks. Just like the dash, these little words contain a lot of worth. And combined, they become a directive for living – to Live your Dash every day with Thanksgiving. As we pause this time of year to give thanks for all the bountiful...

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Veterans Day

For those who choose to serve their Dash in service of our country, we offer our most heartfelt gratitude. There are no words big enough to acknowledge the sacrifices you’ve made to defend honor and maintain peace. Godspeed to all those currently serving...

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The Brave Never Die

Lisa W. from Mississippi shared this touching story about her brother who lived his Dash with courage and bravery: We just had to bury my brother 10-3 because he was killed in the line of duty 9-29. He had shared a poem on his page a few years prior with...

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A Little Story Behind My Purchase

We'd like to share this Dash story sent to us from Darren K., OntarioRe:  “Live Your Dash” Silver Bar Necklace.A little story behind my purchase I will share with you:The woman I am giving this gift has strong belief in the universe, its energy, believes...

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The Secret Of Living Is Giving

One of my favorite things to do is waking up early on Sunday morning, getting the Sunday paper, making a hot cup of coffee, and kicking back to read about what’s going on in the world. It’s my quiet time… my time to reflect and relax. One Sunday morning...

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Leaves Grow Old Gracefully

Dear Friend, It’s that time of year when we welcome the change of seasons from summer to fall. The leaves turning a rainbow of colors is a beautiful sign that holidays are on the way. Soon Halloween will be here, then Thanksgiving and Christmas and… before...

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Someone Who Cares

This is a wonderful story. I don’t know who wrote it, but it captures the essence of caring, kindness and love, It was a busy morning, approximately 8:30 a.m. when an elderly gentleman in his 80s arrived to have stitches removed from his thumb. He stated...

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