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Won’t You be a Better Neighbor?

A part of living your best life is making a difference in your community. An easy way to do this is by starting with the people around you…your neighbors! Get inspired on how to be a better neighbor from the ideas below.

Say hey

Being friendly is a great way to show kindness. When you can, give them a wave as you drive by or stop and say hey! This way, you can get to know your neighbor and make them feel welcomed. 

neighbor - hello
Bring them food

Whether they just moved in or you’ve just done some holiday baking, everybody loves free goodies. It’s a guaranteed way to spread cheer and make your neighbors day a little sweeter.

neighbors food
Offer to help

Neighbors are here to help each other out! If your neighbor is going out of town you can offer to water their plants, take in their mail, or watch their pets. Bonus is, they’ll likely do the same for you in return!

help your neighbor
Throw a party

A get together at your house, a backyard BBQ, or a block party…just get together! This is a fun way to build relationships with the people in your community.

neighbor party
Pick up after yourself

Keeping your space clean makes the whole neighborhood look better. If you have a pet, make sure you pick up after them when they do their business. Keep your yard groomed to show that you care. If you live in an apartment, do the do diligence of wiping off the gym equipment and pick up after yourself at the pool or lounge areas.

pick up for your neighbors
Start something new

One of the best ways to make a difference in your community is to start something new. Consider starting a community garden, a book-lending cupboard, bird house building, a clothing drive, or a bake sale where proceeds go to a charity. There are so many ways to get involved in your community. Find what inspires you to make a difference and go for it!

new neighbors

Having the love for your neighbor requires a special heart and thoughtfulness. Make a difference in your community by being a better neighbor and watch your community bloom. Tell us about you or your neighbors going above-and-beyond so we can share your story and inspire others!

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