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Ways to be an Above and Beyond Friend

There are friends and then there are amazing friends. You know who they are by the way they make you feel. They go above and beyond to cultivate their friendship with you and make you feel cared for. Lasting friendships are truly special in life. They’re people you can rely on, lean on, and count on when the going gets tough. Sometimes being an amazing friend just means showing up when you’re needed and others it’s saying a kind word.

Here are real-life stories and ways to be an above and beyond friend.


“I think of my friend, Chaundra, when she was diagnosed with cancer. All of her friends came together to do everything for her. I also think of Kathy and Ina who were best friends for 45 years and Kathy held her hand as she passed.” – Lois H.

“I feel like you can do that in so many ways depending on who the person is, but for me I’d say just always being there for them. That and being honest. No sugar coating anything, just being upfront and give them tough love when needed.” – Felicia L.

“I remember going through a difficult season where I felt like I was stuck in life at my job, financially, and emotionally. Carol, who worked at a shop next to where I worked, would come in and give me a big hug. She would always somehow say the right encouraging words right when I needed them. She never even knew what I was going through, but she always made me feel so special and was just a beam of light every time I saw her.” – Maddie H.

A while back I was in a situation where I had to make a choice which was either going to leave me without a vehicle which I still needed or be rendered homeless for a time. A friend whom I hadn’t known very long stepped up to the plate and not only offered, but drove me around to everything I needed to get to for several months. This allowed me to get back on my feet and eventually get wheels back under me. She never once complained and it was absolutely out of her way to get me. We have and continue to share times of joy as well as trying times. She will always have a place permanently etched in my heart where I hope and pray for the best of everything for her as she is a very selfless individual.” —Dash Reader

above and beyond friend

Looking for ways to be a better friend? Here are 10 easy ways: 

  1. Focus on your friend. Put down the phone and be present. 
  2. Surprise your friend with a favorite dinner. 
  3. Show up to their stuff. From yearly birthdays to once-in-a-lifetime milestones, be there for the things that matter.
  4. Listen, really listen. 
  5. Call when you haven’t heard from them in a while. Make sure everything is ok.
  6. Ask questions. Don’t accept “ok” or “I’m fine” as an answer. Find out how they are feeling. 
  7. Say thank you. It’s fine to express general thankfulness for the person, but find ways to be specific, too. 
  8. Send a letter through the mail; they are rare these days, which makes them extra special.
  9. When you think about them, tell them. Send a quick text to say they were on your mind. 
  10. Say you’re sorry. We all make mistakes, but we don’t all say we’re sorry. Do it.


An above and beyond friend is there even when things get hard. They’re there for the shining moments and also for the valleys. There are many ways to be an above and beyond friend, but at the heart of it all is loving and appreciating others as much as you can. Make the most of every moment you have together, and always live your dash to the fullest.

Does your friend go above and beyond for you? Tell us about it! Share your story with us and we’ll feature you on our social media, our blog, or to our email list!

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