Inspire Kindness, LLC

The copyright to The Dash Poem was purchased from the author, Linda Ellis in 2017 by the founders of the inspirational book publishing company, Simple Truths.  The vision is to expand the awareness of the poem through partnerships and new products that embody the essence of The Dash.  Today, we offer a wide variety of Dash products including poem prints, jewelry, apparel, home decor, candles, memorial cards and personalized dash prints.

A little about Linda Ellis

Linda Ellis started writing poems as a child, a talent inherited from her Irish grandmother. Her poetry has been featured in best-selling books and magazines such as “Family Circle”, “US News and World Report”, and other major publications. Her poems have also appeared on numerous television and radio programs.

In 1996, an announcer read Linda’s Ellis’s poem “The Dash” aloud on a syndicated radio program–and, to her surprise, it became an instant, meteoric success. Calls came in from people around the country eager to tell Linda how her words had touched their hearts. That was the beginning of an enduring phenomenon.

Her books – The Dash Book (Simple Truths, 1/2006) uses the Dash Poem as a centerpiece for 12 short stories about love, kindness and making a difference.  The book was co-authored by Mac Anderson and has sold over 1 million copies.  Live Your Dash (Sterling Publishing, 9/2011) captures and expands upon the theme of the original poem: It’s not your birth or death that matters most, but how you spend each passing year. Linda shares her message of joy, hope, and positive energy through uplifting stories, essays, and poetry, along with tales of people who have been “touched by the dash,” including Bob Dole, legendary football coach Lou Holtz, and American Idol winner David Cook. The book and speaking program surrounding it, represent an inspiring look at life-based on the fantastically successful poem.